Monday, March 13, 2017

Red Bow Dress

If Mondays have you feeling a little blue, well you're in luck. I've got a red dress that will brighten up your day. In my previous post I shared with you one of the Valentine's day dress that I designed. Today I'll be sharing the second dress I made! If you must know I've used peachskin fabric multiple times and I have to say it has become one of my favorite fabrics. This fabric is soft, the texture literally looks like a peach skin lol, and it drapes beautifully. When it comes to Valentines day you can never go wrong with the classic RED dress so I went with just that.

The design was a bit similar to the previous one, with the bodice being a princess neckline, the skirt being gathered. However, the back of the dress was a showstopper if I don't say so myself. I made a fun cut out and adorned it with a nice big bow.

When in doubt put a bow on it.

I finished the hem with a delicate rolled hem and installed (yes you guessed it) an invisible zipper. Along with some red metal snaps on the shoulders for easy access to the neck.

I really loved the way it turned out, it actually made me want something like that for myself. My daughter was in total awed when she saw the dress. She was kept telling me, "Me, me, me." Calling dibs on the dress lol. When I started sewing for her she loved putting on the garment, but hated taking pictures. She became a runner and I'd end up with horrible blurry pictures. Bribing her never really worked. I'd end up with pictures of her eating the candy and not caring to show off the garment. I then started recruiting other little models and she knows that. So, now she is more than willing to do cute poses for me and allows me to take beautiful pictures. I'm so glad she is finally coming around and allowing me to be a Mamarazzi I've always wanted to be lol.

So here is my lil lady wearing her mommy made. Which by the way is still available at my Etsy shop as a made to order. It is perfect as a birthday dress, a wedding outfit, a flower girl dress, or any other special occasions. Which Valentines day was your favorite the heart cut out dress or the red bow dress?

Monday, February 27, 2017

Heart Cut Out Dress

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I popped up on here! I've been crazy busy being a momma, wife, and a Etsy shop owner. It has been quite an interesting journey, very different from custom designing. I've learn so much these past months and I am continuing to learn. Hats off to you if you are a Boss Mom it takes a lot to run a home and a business!

I'll be sharing with you all some of my Etsy designs with you all incase you don't follow my social media or Etsy shop. Since we are still in the month of February I'll be sharing my Valentine's day dresses. I made two designs for my shop the first design is the Heart Cut Out dress.

For this design I wanted a fun focal point, I decided a heart cut out on the back would be cute. I started drafting and making a muslin sample I had to tweak it a couple of times because getting the heart shape wasn't as easy as I had thought. After three attempts I finally got the heart shape that I was aiming for. The final design was a basic sleeveless bodice, heart cut out on the back, and gathered skirt.

Initially I wanted to use this beautiful watercolor purple heart fabric from Spoonflower but I didn't have enough for a dress. Not only that if I was going to put it for sale on my shop, the printing process takes a while. I wanted to keep my own turnaround time to 1-2 weeks. Since the dress was a made to order for Valentines day time was crucial. I was pretty bummed out but decided to go fabric shopping and stumbled across the next best thing.

I found the cutest fabric ever, it was woven cotton with tiny red hearts on white background. I thought it would be perfect considering the dress would have a big heart cut out on the back. Once I got home I was afraid the fabric would be too overwhelming. So I decided that I would add red piping on the waist. The piping would break away the bodice and skirt making it less busy for the eyes. I usually go for buttons  or invisible zippers. However, for this particular dress I decided to go with fun red metal snaps. Let's just say I've been on a snap craze lately they are so much fun to apply. I just want to put snaps on everything... snap snap! I really loved the way it turned out, it was just like I had envisioned.

I had a mini photo shoot with my lovely model and the dress fit like a glove. She definitely worked it and she really loved the dress. Here are a few pictures of the mini photo shoot. Hope you all enjoyed my latest design. Stay tune for the second Valentine's day dress I made. If you are interested in purchasing this design head on to my Etsy shop. Thank you for sticking around with me on my blog and for all your support.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Pleated Floral Dress

This past Easter I wanted to make my daughter her Easter dress. I knew exactly how I wanted the dress to be basic bodice and box pleat skirt. I don't normally buy pdf patterns but I was short on time and the design was already available. I decided to purchase from Mingo & Grace the pdf pattern is called Blake. It is an amazing pattern it features basic bodice, racer back, box pleats on the skirt, and hidden pockets.

Beautiful close up detail of the dress.

I used a heavy twill cotton fabric which added shape and volume to the box pleats on the skirt. I omitted the hidden pockets because my daughter doesn't know about pockets yet. The bodice is fully lined and I used an invisible zipper. If you haven't noticed by now but I'm obsessed with invisible zippers they add a hint of elegance to the garment. The hem calls for 2" inches but I thought that was too much so I decided to do 1" inch hem. To keep the conceal theme going I decided to do a blind hem. Since my daughter is very petit I ended up cutting the size 18 months she is currently 2 years but she is a tiny gal.

Here she is as happy as can be.

My little gardener.

 Back view of the racer back.

If you've been thinking of purchasing the pdf pattern don't hesitate it's a beautiful pattern well drafted. But if you are not a seamstress and love the dress, then you're in luck because I had enough to make two more one in size 2T and another one in 6-9 months. Shop the look at my Etsy shop here

This is the size 6-9 months everything is the same except the skirt; instead of pleats it is gathered. I'll be adding more of the box pleat version to the shop soon. Thank you for stopping by have a wonderful day.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Floral Gray Knit Dress

Hi guys, just stopping by to share with you my latest make. I love seeing my daughter in comfy knit dresses. I stumbled across this gorgeous gray floral fabric and I knew I had to make her a knit dress. I went a head a drafted a basic bodice and for the skirt it would be a gathered rectangle. I measured her waist and multiplied it by two to get a beautiful gathered. Both the neckline and the armholes are bias bind with the same fabric. This was a fast and easy dress to make. Best of all she loves pull over dresses that are comfy yet stylish.

Here she is modeling her latest.

She is a free spirited and this dress lets her hop, twirl, and even run!

My little bunny!

I'm considering adding this dress as part of my shop, keep a look out for it. Thank you for stopping by. Make sure to visit my Etsy shop here.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Valentines day 2016 Etsy Release

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful holidays and happy New Years! I'm stopping by today to share with you all that today at 6 pm MST I will be releasing two new deigns in the Lollipop Couture's Etsy shop. ( They are limited quantities one of a kind, once sold out they will never be reproduced. Make sure to grab it before they are gone!

The first design is the Pretty in Pink dress perfect for Valentines day since it's pink and romantic. It is made out of a soft peach skin fabric that doesn't wrinkle easily. The design is a drop waist with a gathered skirt and flutter sleeves. The bodice is fully lined with an invisible zipper. It features a vintage lace applique in the bodice for a romantic touch. This dress can be worn for a family photo shoot, weddings, birthday's, or any special occasions. It is the perfect gift for a mom to be or even for a special birthday girl.

*Available sizes*
0-3 months (chest circumference 18.5" length 11")
6-9 months (chest circumference 20.5" length  12.5")
9-12 months (chest circumference 23" length 13")

My daughter is 21 months in the picture wearing a size 9-12 months just to give you an idea as far as sizing goes. 

The second design is the Sail me Away dress perfect for everyday wear or a stroll in the park. This dress is made out of a knit fabric and has the cutest vintage sailboats printed on. The design is a sleeveless bodice with a gathered skirt, and serged for durability.
*Available sizes*
0-3 months (chest circumference 20" length 12")
6-9 months (chest circumference 21" length  13")

9-12 months (chest circumference 23" length 14")

My daughter was 17 months in this picture wearing a size 9-12 months just to give you an idea as far as sizing goes. 

I'm also releasing a fun hair accessory that compliments the Pretty in Pink dress. It is a felt flower headband. Which features two blooms and a rose in the center. There are two color options available the like the one in the above picture it has a light pink rose and two dark pink fluffy flowers.

This is the other color option which features a dark pink rose and two light pink fluffy flowers. 

Hope you are all excited as I am about this release, see you all there tonight at 6 pm MST. Thank you all for stopping by. Please feel free to share with all your mommy friends. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

XV Dress

A few months ago, I had the privilege of designing a quinceañera dress, with a twist. The dress itself was simple, it consisted of a sweetheart neckline with 1" inch straps and a circle skirt. The twist to the dress was, that it had a character hoodie jacket. If you are familiar with the Regular show, there is a character by the name of Mordecai. He is this blue bird with a Mohawk hair do.
This is Mordecai.

This costume was part of the inspiration, we mainly focused on the jacket. The jacket was going to be longer instead of a bolero. The fabrics would be more luxurious satins. It was very important to get the character to look a like as well as making him 3-D. I've done quite a few character hoodies in the past for Halloween costumes so I knew this would not be hard.
I began by marking my style lines onto my dress form. I generally like the draping method better than flat pattern. Once I've draped and marked my muslin I transferred the pattern pieces onto paper.

Here is a little preview of my fine tuning flat patterns. At this stage I make sure lines are straight and curves are curved.  

Once my patterns are cut I always like to do a test garment. At this stage we can look for fit issues or any design flaws. It's a rough draft to the real deal.

It is nice to see it evolve and exciting to try to picture it, how it will look once the real fashion fabric are cut out.
For the jacket we decided to go with a white satin, baby blue satin, and some black satin for the accent details. Even though the quinceañera dress was simple I wanted the fabrics to still be fun and party like. Therefore, we decided on small white sequin fabric for the top. For the skirt we went with baby blue tulle and satin for the underling. It's really hard to find tiny sequin fabric where I live, lucky for me we took a little trip to LA. I did a little shopping at the fabric district, I stopped by the infamous Michael Levine Fabrics store. It felt like heaven so many wonderful selections.

Here is the sequin fabric for the top.
We did a fitting, and there were some adjustments to be made. For the top I had to move the straps further out. 
The back had to be taken in because it was too big.

One of the things I found hard about this design was getting a visual on the tulle skirt since muslin doesn't have the same volume as tulle. The client said she didn't want it to be too overwhelming, volumizing, or an exaggerated tulle skirt. For this reason, the tulle was cut as a circle skirt as well. I ended up getting 10 yards of tulle and I was able to get three full circles out of it. Which was perfect since she didn't want it to be too dramatic. As we all know more tulle = more drama.
Once, the pattern pieces were adjusted I proceeded with cutting onto the real fabric. Let's just say by the time I was done cutting I was having a sequins confetti party in my studio.

I really loved the final product. It screamed party dress but not to loud.

 Here is the front view of the dress.
Side view

 The back view

The jacket, had a lot of pattern pieces due to different color blocking that made up the character's head and arms.
Both the hair and the beak were stuffed with cotton filling. I had to stuff them very tightly specially for the Mohawk because it had to sit sturdy at the top of the head. The eyes were hand stitched since the material was too delicate. I decided to incorporate tiny black beads for each of his eyes, thought it added a special touch. I really tried to captured his big eyes and looking at the finish hoodie I must say I did him justice.  
When she saw the final product she was super happy with the dress especially with the jacket. The garment was pretty special for her not only because this was her quinceañera dress but because she was a Mordecai fan. I felt great knowing she loved it so much. So much that her mother warned her not try to live in it lol.
Here is a picture of her on her big day. She looked very pretty and happy on her special day. :)