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Fall Fashion Illustration

Happy Friday everyone, here’s another edition of “Flash Back Friday Fashion Illustration.”  This is my fall collection, coincidentally just in time for the fall season! For this collection my inspiration was JLo, specifically the music video “All I have.” I really gravitated from her hairstyle and the make-up. Again I really wanted to incorporate separates. The fabrics I chose were velvet, polyester, tulle. The color pallet was soft pink, soft blue, browns, and gold.

The backstory: my girl is in her mid-20, she doesn’t let the chilly weather stop her from wearing her miniskirts.
Design number one: she’s wearing a velvet short puffy sleeve keyhole top with a pleated skirt. The skirt has suspenders and tulle underneath to give volume to the shape of the skirt. Her top is a turtle neck with an attached scarf. Her accessories include long gloves, knee high socks, paired with ankle booties. I decided to do the hair and make-up like JLo’s music video.  

Design number two: she’s also wearing a puffy sleeve keyhole top. The only difference is the keyhole is bigger, which I had to incorporate an underneath camisole. I paired it with another pleated skirt with inverted v hem. Underneath the skirt she has an exaggerated bustle, (which I’m not too fond of it now). Her accessories include leather gloves, JLo’s signature floppy hat, high thigh stockings and ankle boots.

Design number three: yes, she’s back again “Blue Gal,” she’s wearing my favorite of all three an interesting jacket. The jacket: shoulders are puffy; bottom of the sleeves is pleated, it has lace from the biceps ending at the elbow. The front it is corset like with cups. It has a pleated peplum with tulle underneath to give volume. The back is exposed by the oval shape cut out. I paired it with velvet trousers; the sides have gold piping and knee patches. She doesn’t really have accessories because the design is already too busy. Her shoes are high knee leather boots. So you’re probably thinking there’s nothing JLo about this one, but there is, in fact take a look at her one more time. Ok so it’s not too obvious, lol I decided to pose her like this to show off her voluptuous butt. You know since JLo is known for that lol.


Material used: Pencil, prisma markers, prisma

color pencil, gold gel pen, black sharpie pen.

So far how do you like this series?  


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